The New Mac Pro

I keep finding myself thinking about this new Mac Pro. It’s not that I’m lusting after speed of the memory, SSD, CPU, or GPUs for what I do. The more I think about this new Mac Pro the more I find myself wanting to write software for it. To me it’s become the most interesting piece of new hardware since the original iPad.

There’s only one CPU socket and it bets heavily on the bus and GPU performance.
One of those GPUs isn’t even hooked up to do graphics. I think that’s a serious tell.
I keep finding myself thinking up applications for all that compute power and dreaming up what kind of software I could write to take advantage of it.

I don't know of any other consumer computing devices with a GPU dedicated to computation. It will be very interesting to see how app developers are able to take advantage of this. I suspect, in time, the Mac Pro will blow away more traditional architectures for tasks like video and audio editing as well as 3D rendering/CAD.